Pacific Star Small



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A unique design showing the iconic tapa flower in the embossed pattern.

Acrylic Tint and satin (3mm)

Metallic –  Gold, Silver & Copper

Mirror – Gold & Silver


Available on hooks or hoops! Add in notes for the order which you would prefer. Please note: small hoops are 20mm and large hoops are 30mm. Hole for the hoops will be in the middle of the design, hole for the hooks will be at the top of the design. If not stipulated then we will pick for you.

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Aqua Satin, Black, Clear, Blue Tint, Green Tint, Red Tint, Yellow Tint, Crystal Satin, Opal Satin, Purple Satin, Orange Satin, Red Satin, Green Satin, Blue Satin, Wood, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic, Copper Metallic, Silver Mirror, Gold Mirror


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