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Mere – designed with our exclusive SoNZ Pounamu colour acrylic in mind, a mere or in other colours should be called Patu (see below)

Mere is a short flat club shaped like a large tear drop. It is the same design as a Patu; but the difference is Patus are made of wood, stone, or whale bone whereas Meres are made of Greenstone (jade). This weapon was held in one hand and was used in close hand to hand combat.

Design measures: 6.7cm long x 2.2cm wide placed on hooks

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Aqua Satin, Black, Blue Satin, Blue Tint, Clear, Crystal Satin, Copper Metallic, Green Satin, Green Tint, Gold Metallic, Gold Mirror, Opal, Pink satin, Pounamu Satin, Purple Satin, Silver Metallic, Silver Mirror, Red Satin, Red Tint, Rose Gold Mirror, Solid Red, Yellow Tint, Wood

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