Malu Set



Malu Hair, Chest plate and earrings (Malu Diamond) delicate female designs to represent the protection and peace in women.

Malu Chest plate is a delicate cut out design laced at each tip of the diamond to sit as protection across the chest at 10cm wide with double 1mm thin wax cords to a custom flat bead to secure. Comes in all 5-6mm products

Malu Diamond earrings  – 7.5cm long design (excluding hook) x 3.6cm wide diamond with our exclusive Malu pattern.  Comes in any 1.6-3mm product.

Malu Hair Prong – we have designed 3 Prong at 13cm long + Design (approx. 22.5cm long in total  for 3 prong) Comes in all 5-6mm products.

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Malu Design

Malu Chest Plate, Malu Diamond Earrings, Malu Hair 3 Prong


Aqua Satin 3mm, Aqua Satin 6mm, Black 3mm, Black 6mm, Blue Satin 3mm, Blue Satin 6mm, Blue Tint 3mm, Blue Tint 5mm, Cherry Red Satin 6mm, Clear 3mm, Clear 5mm, Crystal Satin 3mm, Crystal Satin 6mm, Copper Metallic, Glass 6mm, Gold Metallic, Gold Mirror, Green Satin 3mm, Green Satin 6mm, Green Tint 3mm, Green Tint 5mm, Opal 3mm, Opal Satin 6mm, Orange Satin 6mm, Pink satin 3mm, Pink Satin 6mm, Pounamu 3mm, Pounamu 6mm, Purple Satin 3mm, Purple Satin 6mm, Red Satin 3mm, Red Satin 6mm, Red Tint 3mm, Red Tint 5mm, Solid red 3mm, Silver Metallic, Silver Mirror, Yellow Satin 6mm, Yellow Tint 3mm, Wood 3mm, Wood 6mm, White (solid) 5mm, White (solid) 3mm


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