Kiwi Key Hanger


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Kiwi key hanger!

New Zealanders are proud of their Kiwis. The bird holds an honorary place in the country’s tradition and culture. The love affair with these unusual looking birds began with the Māori people. The Māori believed that this sacred animal was under the protection of the forest god, Tane, and bringing harm to these little ones would incur the god’s wrath and result in the destruction of the land.

The Kiwi is a symbol of family and loyalty. Mating pairs usually stick together for the rest of their lives together.

Available in a range of Acrylic satins (6mm) and tints (5mm).


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Aqua Satin, Black, Blue Satin, Blue Tint, Cherry Red Satin, Crystal Satin, Glass Satin, Green Satin, Green Tint, Opal Satin, Orange Satin, Pink Satin, Pounamu Satin, Purple Satin, Red Satin, Red Tint, Yellow Satin