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Pukana earring.

Pūkana or facial expressions are an important facet of Māori performance. They help emphasise a point in a song or haka, and demonstrate the performer’s ferocity or passion. For women, pūkana involves opening the eyes wide and jutting out their tattood chin. For men, it means widening the eyes and stretching out their tongue or baring their teeth. Though these expressions may be intimidating, they are not necessarily a sign of aggression, but may simply show strong and deep-felt emotions.

Ranges from Acrylic tint (3mm), metallic (1.6mm), mirror and wood (3mm).


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Black, Blue Tint, Clear, Copper Metallic, Green Tint, Gold Metallic, Gold Mirror, Silver Metallic, Silver Mirror, Red Tint, Yellow Tint, Wood