Frangipani Frangi

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Frangipani Frangi earring.

Size: 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Design is affixed in the following options:

hooks  1.6-3mm media for Acrylic tint & satin (3mm), metallic (1.6mm), mirror and wood (3mm)


30mm Silver Hoops only for Acrylic tint (5mm), wood (5mm) & satin (6mm). Options for Metallics (1.6mm) and mirror (3mm) on hoops –

Additional information


Aqua Satin 3mm – hooks, Aqua Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Black 3mm – hooks, Black 5mm – 30mm hoops, Blue Satin 3mm – hooks, Blue Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Blue Tint 3mm – hooks, Blue Tint 5mm – 30mm hoops, Cherry Red Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Crystal Satin 3mm – hooks, Crystal Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Copper Metallic 1.6mm – hooks, Copper Metallic 1.6mm – 30mm hoops, Green Satin 3mm – hooks, Green Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Green Tint 3mm – hooks, Green Tint 5mm – 30mm hoops, Glass 6mm – 30mm hoops, Gold Metallic 1.6mm – hooks, Gold Metallic 1.6mm – 30mm hoops, Gold Mirror 3mm – hooks, Gold Mirror 3mm – 30mm hoops, Opal 3mm- hooks, Opal Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Orange Satin 3mm – hooks, Orange Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Pink Satin 3mm – hooks, Pink Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Pounamu 3mm – Hooks, Pounamu 6mm – 30mm hoops, Purple Satin 3mm – hooks, Purple Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Silver Metallic 1.6mm – hooks, Silver Metallic 1.6mm – 30mm hoops, Silver Mirror 3mm – hooks, Silver Mirror 3mm – 30mm hoops, Red Satin 3mm – hooks, Red Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Red Tint 3mm – hooks, Red Tint 5mm – 30mm Hoops, Yellow Satin 6mm – 30mm hoops, Yellow Tint 3mm – hooks, Wood 3mm – hooks, Wood 5mm – 30mm hoops